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Villa Maslinica is a newly built house. Its location is ideal for people in need of peaceful and quiet holidays while still having the option to quickly reach all the required shopping, entertainment, beautiful and versatile beaches and other facilities.
The house itself is situated above the village and  provides a beautiful view on the surrounding area including the nearby hills. The house is situated at walking distance from the Adriatic sea which is surrounding the house on three sides. It can be easily reached by car.

Vrboska is famous for its beautiful beaches and virgin nature, making it a famous island's tourist destination.

The most popular beaches of Vrboska are beaches on the peninsula Soline, Maslinica bay and Zecevo Island.
Soline has many beautiful pebble bays on the southern side and mostly flat stones on the northern side. Maslinica is a pebble beach, 400 meters from Villa Maslinica and 700 meters from the town centre.
Zecevo is a nearby small island with a nudist beach.

Vrboska is a small town and a harbour at the central part of the northern coast of the island of Hvar. It lies in a narrow and deeply indented bay, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and a pine forest.

Vrboska is divided into two parts: the eastern part called Pjaca with a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque houses, and western part Podva with churches, narrow streets and houses built in Renaissance and Gothic style. Both parts are connected by little bridges joining the two banks of the bay. This gives an indescribable charm to the place. The main occupations are viniculture, farming, fishing, olive growing and tourism.
Vrboska developed since the 15th century as the port of Vrbanj, a village 3 km away from the sea. The first inhabitants built stone houses, picturesque bridges and the church of St Mary. The church was fortified in 1575, because of the constant threat of Turkish attacks. This church-fortress is one of the most attractive buildings of its kind on the Croatian coast. It dominates over Vrboska and offers a wonderful view.
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